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Bouwbedrijf Opmaat

Bouwbedrijf Opmaat: housing construction, renovation, remodelling

Want to perform a remodelling or renovation of your house? Are you planning to install a dormer or other annex?
Bouwbedrijf Opmaat in Amsterdam specializes in housing construction and renovation of houses, interiors and roofs. However, you can also contact us for paintwork, masonry, electricity installation or other DIYs.

Fast and safe renovation

Whether you are remodelling or renovating an old house or want to build a new house, Bouwbedrijf Opmaat is ready to assist you with your needs. With our professional team of experts, you can renovate quickly, safely and efficiently.

Economical construction

Bouwbedrijf Opmaat in Amsterdam works with Dutch and Slovak suppliers of building materials. They always offer professional building products at very low prices. Therefore, Bouwbedrijf Opmaat is your economical choice. Our rate is based on the agreement with the customer.

Are you interested in our services? Contact us for more information and a price quote.


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